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Ruiny siedziby łowieckiej Göringa - OP54DE
Eigenaar: DriadaK
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Hoogte: 93 meter NAP
 Provincie: Polen > zachodniopomorskie
Cache soort: Traditionele Cache
Grootte: Klein
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Tijd: n/b    Lengte: 3.00 km
Geplaatst op: 17-07-2012
Gemaakt op: 16-07-2012
Gepubliceerd op: 16-07-2012
Laatste verandering: 04-06-2014
24x Gevonden
1x Niet gevonden
1 Opmerkingen
watchers 7 Volgers
32 x Bekeken
24 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: uitstekend
6 x Aanbevolen
Deze cache is aanbevolen door: agdam4, alex22, Arishia, GFS, Haze, subo
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Cache attributen

Dangerous Cache  Bike  Take something to write  Nature  Monumental place 

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Beschrijving EN PL
In the Forests of Drawa is hidden many secrets, many forgotten places, of which the new generation has no idea.
In the forests controlled by the District Bierzwnik there are many reminders of World War II.
During the war, these areas belong to the Third Reich, where the main function of the forester and he was catching Herman Goering, who at Lake Shores (formerly J. Roskatyń) built a palace-fortress.

The story nastarszego generation shows that the area was heavily guarded by soldiers and not available to the public. It was built for catching the airport. Near there was a cemetery - which now does not exist, but remained in the Douglas firs place.

After the war, soon after the arrival of the Soviet army, the palace was demolished brick went to work, and the ruins of faded into oblivion.
Then the area was plowed and planted woody vegetation - including spruce and robiniami acacia.
Still, there are visible remains of the gatehouse, bunkers, basements and septic tanks into the stables, brick foundations and bruised ubiquitous brick, cushioned fleece. You can also find the remains of masonry pulpit hunting, which was told to build a convenience Goering. It also includes rows of hornbeam and lime, formerly hedges and ornamental trees possessions.

NOTE: beware of visiting the place under your feet!! The place is covered with spruce, which restrict visibility is dangerous - especially after dark!
There is a lot of unsecured pits and enter the septic tank.

view from the bridge towards Lake Shores

How to get to the box: best park your car at the Bivouac Bivouac Kile Mile or Smolary that are located on a paved public highway land.
They go from the Bivouac Kile Mile at the intersection where there is a stone prewar signpost down the main road. After a few kilometers of good dirt road there is a bridge over the canal connecting Lake Shores and Lake Smolary. Right behind him, turn left and continue on this same path. The right-hander has come up fragments of ruins and places shown in the pictures. I would recommend a nice view and the tree of monumental dimensions.

About cache: hiding in the middle of spruces. Low, with a view of the black locust.

For starters contains in addition to the logbook and three special certificates for the first finders, pencil, tape 1m drop-down and badge bibliophile, a dinosaur and two wooden gadgets OC, and for the rest of coffee - sweet coffee and soluble sachet Wink
Also made the short technical break GK Angel on a daily basis.

Translated by Google :)
Extra hints
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Beschermde natuurgebieden
Deze cache bevind zich waarschijnlijk in een beschermd natuurgebied NATURA 2000 :
Lasy Puszczy nad Drawa  -  PLB320016
Uroczyska Puszczy Drawskiej  -  PLH320046

Geokrety  Fabiański puścił gola - Totale afstand: 295 km

Jesteś na dobrej drodze, ale jedź dalej. Obok tego leśnego znaku stoją ruiny dawnej wartowni.
Stojąc w miejscu k. dawnej siedziby na drodze - patrzymy w lewo...
Stojąc w miejscu k. dawnej siedziby na drodze - patrzymy w prawo...
Spojlerowy obrazek. Widok w stronę keszyka.Tylko w ostateczności.
Idąc na wschód, w stronę grodzonej uprawy, zobaczyć możemy pozostałości wartowni. Po prawej niedaleko był cmentarz.
3 wyjątkowe certyfikaty czekają :)