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Eigenaar: ziellona
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Hoogte: meter NAP
 Provincie: Polen > małopolskie
Cache soort: Traditionele Cache
Grootte: Normaal
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Tijd: 0:06 h    Lengte: 0.30 km
Geplaatst op: 16-09-2019
Gemaakt op: 21-10-2019
Gepubliceerd op: 21-10-2019
Laatste verandering: 22-10-2019
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1 Opmerkingen
watchers 0 Volgers
10 x Bekeken
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Beschrijving EN PL

There is a lot of shrines in this beautiful countryside. Nearby one of them there is located this cache. It is somewhat like "cache desert", so we decided (with Wonder) to put here a few caches.

Zawadka - tiny village layed in beautiful woods, fields and meadows. This is that place in which you can feel real countryside.

Zawadka is layed in Beskid Myslenicki, 60 km from Cracow. Lovely village is layed between Gron (a peak near Jaworzyny hamlet) and Pekalowka (near Pekale hamlet). Here you can find stunning views, woods with lot of wild mushrooms, marvelous fields and freedom. The first information about Zawadka was written in 1675.

11.29.44 - a big battle (between Germans and polish partizans) took place in Zawadka 1944 r. A lot of informal soldiers (partizans from Home Army - regiments "Zelbet" and "Odwet") were killed. A few of partizans escaped in two directions: towards Pcim and towards Trzebunia. There is a monument in the centre of Zawadka to remind us of all people who lost their life during II World War. (partizants and civils who have been murdered by Germans).

The first shots came, probably, almost from here (to be exact - from the garden around nearby house: Uzgorki 25) I will tell about the battle in another occasion (next cache:)). The information is able to find in article by Marian Cieslik "Zawadka in fire" ( - unfortunatelly only in Polish).


It is recommended to buy everything before you come here. There is one shop (with very limited goods and no selection of them.) You can find shops in nearby Tokarnia - before you turn to local road upto Zawadka.


There is only one bad and breakfast in Zawadka - in Jaworzyny hamlet.


It is common in countryside - dogs are everywhere. Specially in Tajsowo hamlet there are a lot of barking four-legged-friends. It is better to keep your pupils on lead and under control.

Around the cache:

Cache is located strictly nearby the wayside shrine. There is a stony road (good for tractors, walkers. Not good for disabled people, baby buggies etc. You can leave your car in unofficial park place in the end of the road, nearby the view point. (It there is any local it is always better to ask "is it OK?):)The stony road is going to disappear in the field a few meters behind the shrine. This way is not leading to signed black route - all points of interest and signed foothpaths are indicated on the printed map which is inside of cache.

About the cache:

The plastic container (aprox 5 l) Lot of fants inside

Difficulty: 1,5, - wayside shrine is on a little hill - not accesible for disabbled people. To reach a cache you need to climp up .

Good luck:)

Ziellona with a little help of Wonder.

Extra hints
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