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Warszawskie ZOO #3: Ptasie radio / Birdy - OP91B7 Cache of week
Owner: QbaPL
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > mazowieckie
Cache type: Other type
Size: Large
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 15-03-2019
Date created: 18-07-2019
Date published: 29-07-2019
Last modification: 14-07-2020
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Cache attributes

Periodical/Paid  Go geocaching with children  Accessible for disabled  Take special equipment  Letterbox  Access only by walk 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN PL

While logging the cache you will be under the eyes of cameras, ZOO staff and Muggles. Act natural but stealthy. The ZOO staff knows about the caches and will not disturb you (if you won’t disturb anyting)

Creating a cache takes time and effort. Please, don’t damage the containers and leave everything in place. Let the cache serve others as long as possible. After you finish logging – lock carefully! 


The Warsaw ZOO in cooperation with Geocaching Warsaw invite you for a walk around the ZOO’s most interesting spots. Entrance to the ZOO is paid. Ticket prices, opening hours and other useful information can be found at

Warsaw ZOO #3: Birdy


Did you know...

... birds not only have interesting feathers but also eggs. For example guira cuckoo has turquoise, speckled egg, tataupa tinamou's egg is plain and purplish, conical and with brown spots is the egg of a ruff.

... luzon bleeding-hearts are large doves with a reddish spot on the chest, creating an illusion of blood running down the bird's breast.

... philippine mouse-deer is the smallest modern hoofed mammal - adult individuals are the size of a rabbit.

... congo peacock doesn’t have the long train of feathers its Indian cousin is famous for.

... the Victoria crowned pigeon is one of the largest pigeon species in the world.


Stage 1

Go to Free Flight Aviary, a place where without cages or other barriers the birds can fly freely. In its tropical scenery you have to find a hidden QR-code – your key to the final box.

Be careful and watch your step – you don’t want to step on the tiny chicks! Don’s step off the path, use your eyes! Find green plate "Prosimy nie karmić zwierząt"...

Stage 2

Did you manage to open the box? It's still not everything. To get to the logbook you need to find another lock code:

  1. Guira cuckoo (Guira guira)
  2. Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops)
  3. Malayan peacock-pheasant (Polyplectron malacense)
  4. Ruff (Calidris pugnax)


In a logbook you can find a code needed to open the final box. Don't forget to note it.

This cache was published on Marth 15th 2019 in service.

Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Final location --- Tutaj znajduje się kesz.
Here is hidden cache.
1 Virtual point --- Tutaj szukaj kodu QR
Find QR-code here
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