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PNGS #01 Park Narodowy Gór Stołowych Hotel GK/TB - OP8W0T
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Altitude: 755 m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > dolnośląskie
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Large
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 06-09-2018
Date created: 06-09-2018
Date published: 29-09-2018
Last modification: 29-09-2018
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Cache attributes

Periodical/Paid  Go geocaching with children  Letterbox  GeoHotel  Take something to write  Nature  Access only by walk 

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Góry Stołowe (the Table Mountains) - a land born of the sea, millions of years ago... is one of the most beautiful and attractive mountain ranges in Poland, a unique place due to its terrain, beautiful rock formations, unique “rock cities”, labyrinths and peculiar forms called rock fungi. Outstanding natural and landscape values are reasons that the National Park of the Table Mountains has been established here in 1993.

Labirynt Błędnych Skał - The Maze of Errant Rocks is located on the north-western edge of Skalniak. It covers a complex of peculiar rock formations with a height of 6 - 11 m, created as a result of weathering sandstone. Errant Rocks is a maze of crevices and alleys, sometimes extremely narrow, separating rock blocks of several meters in height. Many rocks have their own names, for example: “ The Rock Saddle”, “The Hen’s Leg”, “The Tunnel” and “The Grand Hall”. The only observation deck on the route is “The Rock Skuls”. The Szczeliniec Wielki and Mały, city of Machov, and in good visibility, The Karkonosze mountains can be seen from here. Difficult weather conditions, which usually prevail here, cause that the majority of spruces have broken crowns, and other tree species, such as pine and birch, take fanciful, bent shapes. This is a unique place - visit, enjoy the mountains, collect caches; but do not destroy, do not litter - let's preserve this beauty for the next generations.





Fresh mountain air, peace and quiet and a lot of space... That’s our Training and Education Center. It is here that conferences and meetings of employees of National Parks from all over Poland take place. We are located on four tourist trails, a mile from Szczeliniec and about three miles from Błędne Skały. That's how it is with us in the Training and Education Center. When you visit us, be sure to ask for the opportunity to watch the movie in the conference room or visit our 3D exhibition! We are looking forward to your visit!

HOW TO GET TO THE CACHE: START To find the cache, go to the starting coordinates. There you will find two information boards about several trails in the Table Mountains. On this boards you will find data you will have to put in the final formula.

A - Count the number of plates with the green trail

B - How many minutes does it take to walk the red trail to Błędne Skały from Karłów

C - Height of Szczeliniec Wielki

D - Emergency number in the mountains

E - Number of letters in the street name at which Table Mountains National Park Headqarters is located

F - Number of signposts pointing left (south)

Now you can solve the formula:

N 50 ° A+E+17.D-F-6B

E 16 ° B-60.D-C+2B+14

and go for the final icon_smile.gif



About the cache: The cache is inside the building. You do not have to worry about the staff - they know exactly what you are looking for! The letterbox is equipped with a logbook and a stamp, which are NOT for exchange; as well as various gadgets and plenty fo SWAG, information about the Park are provided. You can choose something for yourself - add something from yourself - next cacher would like to find something cool, too !!! Drop to and retrieve from the TB’s - this is a TB Hotel.

Look for a large piece of furniture with many drawers.

Act carefully so that you take no risks. You do not have to go on rocks or climb anything! Take care of passers-by so as not to disclose the cache location to Mugglers. Finally, put it back, in exactly the same place, please. "Invisibility" at the highest level!

The all of nature, specific landscape features and national heritage objects are protected in the area of the National Park. The task of the National Park is not only to protect this particular landscape, but also to make it available for visitors. However, you neet to remember about certain rules:



  • Walking on the tourist trail is the safest for you and for nature... do not go beyond the trail. The trail has the most beautiful views. Do not take shortcuts.
  • Inhale the fresh mountain air, do not smoke.
  • The rocks around you are not good climbing material, let go of them. There is no cache there.
  • Stones and minerals lie here for millions of years ... leave them for the next generations. Do not collect and mine rocks and minerals.
  • If you're are here with your dog, your friend will be safer on a leash.



  • Nature lives in symbiosis - do not destroy and do not collect plants, fruit or undergrowth.
  • Animals live here in the wild, it's their home. Respect their calmness, do not frigten them, do not seize the animals, do not feed them.
  • Enjoy the silence and the sounds of the nature - keep quiet, do not shout, do not sing, do not use radio receivers, do not play music. Let others enjoy the mountains, do not disturb the rest of the people.
  • Whatever you brought – take it with you. Take away rubbish with you and leave in designated places near the shelter or entrances to the trail.
Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Parking area --- Parking przy CSE PNGS. Parking płatny 7 pln / Toll Parking 7 pln / Placené parkoviště 7 pln / Kostenpflichtiger Parkplätze 7 pln .
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