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Stacja pomp - OP806E
Owner: pkm123
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Altitude: 582 m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > dolnośląskie
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Micro
Status: Ready for Search
Time required: 1:00 h    Distance to travel: 3.00 km
Date hidden: 29-03-2014
Date created: 29-03-2014
Date published: 29-03-2014
Last modification: 10-04-2014
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Description EN PL

Most of the tourists visiting the castle Chojnik not know that a major problem that faced this type of structures was water supply .

Due to the high elevation of the castle hill above the surrounding terrain, it was impossible to build a well, they dug tree tanks in a rock for the storage of rainwater.

Today, in the twenty-first century the situation of water and sanitation in Castle has not improved significantly . Chojnik due to the difficult location does not have a supply of running water and sewage system. This is a serious problem for the development of functioning at Chojnik PTTK shelter .
Although the rock reservoirs are not used to harvested rainwater for water but it is not easy.
In the forest, near a green trail leading from Hell Valley towards Zachełmie is mysterious, stone cottage. It can be observed near the two wells - it is a mountain spring of water. There is a water pomp inside cottage, driven by diesel engine, which delivers water to the reservoirs located at the shelter. Because the efficiency of the source is small, the pump can be started once a day, if sufficiently accumulates a lot of water . In times of drought the corresponding portion of the water is collected for several days. In winter, when cold weather, water pomp is not used. So how do they solve a problem of lack of water?

By the way to walk to the castle, ask delectable manager castle - Jedrek of Chojnik.

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