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Cudowna woda - OP1861
Shrine to Our Lady in Swarzewo
Eigenaar: rushcore
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Hoogte: 18 meter NAP
 Provincie: Polen > pomorskie
Cache soort: Traditionele Cache
Grootte: Klein
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Geplaatst op: 12-04-2009
Gemaakt op: 12-04-2009
Gepubliceerd op: 12-04-2009
Laatste verandering: 04-07-2010
262x Gevonden
1x Niet gevonden
19 Opmerkingen
watchers 9 Volgers
101 x Bekeken
184 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: goed
7 x Aanbevolen
Deze cache is aanbevolen door: alicja065, ethanoll, Mariusz65, MarJerFi, masakrator92, RenataF, Wrzos
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Periodical/Paid  Go geocaching with children  Monumental place 

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Beschrijving EN PL

 Ages ago a wind-ship swam to Gdańsk. Near Rozewie a huge storm broke out and the crew seeing there was no other hope, offered themselves to Our Lady with baby Jesus, whose statuette of was on the ship. Their prayers were heard. Exhausted sailors with rest of their strengths have pulled the figurine out of the sea. In gratitude, they decided to leave it by the countryside's well. In the half of XVth century fishermen of Swarzewo moved the statue to the St. Peter and Paul's Church on Hel. In 1525 in the reformation times, luterans, wanting to fight the cult of Saint Mary, plumbed the statuette into the sea. It took not even a day for it to swim back to Swarzewo again,almost like it would always want to remain in this place.

 The statuette has survived all the wars, conflicts and acts of thievery. Since Poland's Wedding to the Sea many polish figures have prayed to it for good fortune over the years. One of the worth mentioning is General Joseph Haller

More info on the webpage of the Church of Swarzewo, unfortunately in Polish only.

 Name of the cache means literally means "miraculous water" and it comes from the label on well in the shrine itself. Just as other pilgrims you can try this wonderful water and feel the power of it. Of course you shouldn't do it before finding the cache. One shouldn't put pleasure above work.:)

 Cache is hidden in the area of the shrine but not inside the shrine itself!

 Warning: Cache may not be available in some hours. Entrance to it is managed by someone.

 Password to the log is a last word of the second from the end paragraph of an information board inside the shrine.

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