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Rondo - OP004C
Eigenaar: Magnoom
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Hoogte: 198 meter NAP
 Provincie: Polen > łódzkie
Cache soort: Webcam Cache
Grootte: Geen behuizing
Status: Gearchiveerd
Geplaatst op: 20-07-2006
Gemaakt op: 20-07-2006
Gepubliceerd op: 20-07-2006
Laatste verandering: 30-05-2010
2x Gevonden
1x Niet gevonden
3 Opmerkingen
watchers 3 Volgers
26 x Bekeken
1 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: n/b
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Beschrijving EN PL

Besides GPS receiver (actually not needed) you will need following things:
mobile phone,
a friend with internet access and
this link.

Webcam is still during tests, but looks like it is working well. Right now there is no possibility to control webcam (change angle, zoom, etc.). The view is facing west. It operates full time, but best results will be in daylight.

In the picture there is the most characteristic roundabout (traffic cirlce) in Belchatow city. For last dozen years it has been a landmark for residents. It used to be a crossroad of national road number 8 and province road number 484. Right now traffic on 8 is going on mini ring road, almost outside of town. New roads, taking traffic out of the center are planned, but we must wait for them several years.
Besides numerous shops nearby you can find a nice city park (where you can rest) and old manor house, where nowadays are wedding hall and regional museum.

Once there, contact an accomplice via mobile phone to capture the actual image from webcam. Unfortunately, there is no hot-spot nearby, so it can be a problem to do this on your own (but possible). You will need to be recognizable, with your GPS receiver held high. Put this image into your log here.

Manor House: N51°21.858' E19°22.073'
Park at Rakowka river: N51°21.854' E19°22.025'
N51°21.782' E19°21.935'
N51°21.829' E19°22.134'

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