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Kapliczka na drzewie i domek - OP5B71
two local sights
Owner: Maciek_B
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Altitude: 109 m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > mazowieckie
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Micro
Status: Ready for Search
Time required: 0:10 h    Distance to travel: 0.30 km
Date hidden: 15-10-2012
Date created: 15-10-2012
Date published: 15-10-2012
Last modification: 29-09-2019
125x Found
2x Not found
7 notes
watchers 7 watchers
62 visitors
78 x rated
Rated as: Good
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Go geocaching with children  Recommended at night  Bike  One-minute cache  Fixed by magnet 

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Description EN PL

Another local interesting places in Górce district - a small shrine on a tree and a single-family house, which probably dates back to before the war.

The shrine is situated on a tree, at the intersection of Baborowska and Szlifierska streets. It is really tiny and very simple, but anyway it is an element of variety among the district. Reportedly, it used to be situated on the private property. When new blocks of flats started to arise around it, there was a threat that the shrine will be liquidated, as the tree was in the middle of the entry to the car park. Finally, a smart solution was found - two slanting entries was built instead of one straight. The shrine and its surrounding is well maintained, a local resident takes care of it..

Just next to the shrine, at Szlifierska street, there is a small one-family house, which was built probably before the war, or just after it. An old man used to live here, who unfortunately neglected the plot very much. This man died a few years ago and probably his successors took over the house, the whole area was cleaned up, but rather no-one lives here anymore.

Previous versions of the cache have been demolished several times, this is why the cache will be now a quiz (puzzle underneath).

Kapliczka (Shrine)




Domek (House)




Skrzynka (Cache)





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Statistics: Attempts: 4 times, Hits: 3 times.
Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Virtual point --- Kapliczka
Virtual point --- Domek

GeoKrety  B&B's Toucan - Total distance: 2801 km

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