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Warszawskie ZOO #6: Signal (Final) - OP91LC Cache of week
Owner: QbaPL
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > mazowieckie
Cache type: Other type
Size: Large
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 15-03-2019
Date created: 28-07-2019
Date published: 29-07-2019
Last modification: 14-07-2020
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Periodical/Paid  Go geocaching with children  Accessible for disabled  Letterbox  Information in  MP3 file  Access only by walk 

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Description EN PL

While logging the cache you will be under the eyes of cameras, ZOO staff and Muggles. Act natural but stealthy. The ZOO staff knows about the caches and will not disturb you (if you won’t disturb anyting)

Creating a cache takes time and effort. Please, don’t damage the containers and leave everything in place. Let the cache serve others as long as possible. After you finish logging – lock carefully! 

The Warsaw ZOO in cooperation with Geocaching Warsaw invite you for a walk around the ZOO’s most interesting spots. Entrance to the ZOO is paid. Ticket prices, opening hours and other useful information can be found at


Warsaw ZOO #6: Finding Signal (Final)


Did you know that...

... The Municipal Zoological Garden was opened on March 11, 1928. Its area was then only 12 ha (compared to 40 ha today), and the collection included nearly 500 specimens of animals.

... the greatest breeding success of the ZOO was the birth of the Indian elephant female "Tuzinka" in 1937.
She was the 12th Indian elephant born in the world in captivity and so far the only one born in Poland.

... in 1939, the ZOO area was enlarged to 32 ha, and thus the Warsaw ZOO became the largest zoological garden in Europe.

... in the ZOO you can find the Crazy Star Villa, where during WWII the director Dr. Jan Żabiński and his wife were hiding Jews who managed to escape from the ghetto. The Żabinski family saved more than 300 Jewish citizens risking of their own lives, for which they were awarded the "Righteous Among the Nations" medal.

... currently, the ZOO has over 12,000 animals (including 9 thousand fish), representing about 500 species, of which nearly 90 species are included in protection programs.


Lock code: A B C D E

But to find the numbers, you have to find the rest of the series first:
#1: Waterwold
#2: Monkey business
#3: Birdy
#4: Wild Africa
#5: Claws

Good luck!


Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Final location --- [PL] Tutaj znajduje się kesz.
[EN] Here is hidden cache.
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GeoKrety  Kłódeczka - Total distance: 1175 km
GeoKrety  Wystrzałowy krecior - Total distance: 13306 km
GeoKrety  Jabłko #3 - Total distance: 2349 km
GeoKrety  Królestwo pod piaskiem - Total distance: 1034 km
GeoKrety  Bitwa o Asgard - Total distance: 1595 km
GeoKrety  Nyska - Total distance: 505 km
GeoKrety  Leszczyna - Total distance: 3973 km
GeoKrety  SPOJRZENIE KIBICA - Total distance: 1284 km
GeoKrety  Talia Kart - 9 KARO - Total distance: 779 km
GeoKrety  Kaczy cwaniak - Total distance: 256 km

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