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PNGS #05 Szczeliniec - Goethe na Szczelińcu - OP8W00
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Wysokość: 817 m n.p.m.
 Województwo: Polska > dolnośląskie
Typ skrzynki: Nietypowa
Wielkość: Duża
Status: Gotowa do szukania
Data ukrycia: 06-09-2018
Data utworzenia: 06-09-2018
Data opublikowania: 29-09-2018
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 04-10-2018
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Góry Stołowe (the Table Mountains) - a land born of the sea, millions of years ago ... is one of the most beautiful and attractive mountain ranges in Poland, a unique place due to its terrain, beautiful rock formations, unique “rock cities”, labyrinths and peculiar forms called rock fungi. Outstanding natural and landscape values are reasons that the National Park of the Table Mountains has been established here in 1993.

Szczeliniec Wielki is a natural and tourist phenomenon. Visible from afar, a powerful platform of the mountain ridge, it charms with a “rocky city”, a historic mountain shelter, but above all with fantastic rock formations and panoramas. From Szczeliniec there are unforgettable views of the mountains and valleys of the Sudetes, around the world. This is a unique place - visit, enjoy the mountains, collect caches; but do not destroy, do not litter - let's preserve this beauty for the next generations.





My beloved one, Heuscheuer, 28 August 1790

Since the Fates parted me from my one true love – I am leaving. I am but a wanderer, a pilgrim upon this Earth. Filled with longing, at the close of the day I ascended a rocky and cavernous summit that the locals call Szczeliniec. I came here to wonder. The World is all before me, but compared to Thy eyes it all comes to nothing. One Smile of yours, one Word, mean more to me than all the Treasures of the World. I pray Thee, gentle Angel, free me from Thy charm, let my Soul in peace. Deprived of your Presence I am dying of despair. My whole vital force sank into anxious idleness. Oh, that Thou wert but with me! Meanwhile I surrender my Mind to suffering. Though no entertainment can comfort my longing, I delve in to the mystery of Caching, an amusement in which local people seem to indulge. By seeking and blundering we learn, all you can become on your own you earn!
I’m too old for idle play, but too young not to yearn. What I have learned anyone can possess. Who grasped the puzzle, let him keep it. Use it well! Heart to a Heart will not flock, but pieces together shall interlock! The number will open the way, and soon you will discover my Treasure. The greatest joy one in life can find is clear as crystal and unburdened mind.
Fare Thee well...



A few weeks ago the staff of the mountain lodge at Szczeliniec turned to us for help in an unusual case. It is a well known fact that in 1790 the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe travelled to Kłodzko and visited Szczeliniec Wielki. Only few people know the details of this visit. The poet had a habit of ascending the summit, gazing broodingly into the distance, spending hours calming his tormented soul. At the end of his stay he left his suitcase, with some incomprehensible explanations. Because nobody at the time could understand the words “kesch”, “kesching”, the suitcase was left in a darkest corner of the gloomy attic to gather dust. It was accidentally stumbled upon by a lodge worker looking for a missing cat Pincess. A box of children's toys was also found about the luggage. Trying to explain the origin of the suitcase, we reached the oldest inhabitants of Karłów, who remember the crazy poet who loomed about treasures and puzzles. As a serious institution, we decided to leave the suitcase where the writer wished. The suitcase is still waiting to be opened, maybe you are the one who will understand the visionary bard?



About the cache: Collect some information to calculate the final cords:

In what year was Goethe visiting Szczeliniec Wielki? - A

When was Stołowe Mountains National Park founded? – year - B

Official Elevation of Szczeliniec Wielki in meters above sea level - C

Now, use the formulas and calculate the final location.

N 50° 29.(A+B)-4C+11

E 16° 20.(B-2C)+205

Find the Goethe's suitcase and to open it you need to have a code. Look around to find camo bags. Take the jigsaw puzzle from the bag, solve it. After decrypting the padlock code, you can grab the suitcase and discover the mystery of Goethe.



Act carefully so that you take no risk. You do not have to go on rocks or climb anything! Take care of passers-by so as not to disclose the cache location to Mugglers. Finally, put it back, in exactly the same place, please. "Invisibility" at the highest level!

The all of nature, specific landscape features and national heritage objects are protected in the area of the National Park. The task of the National Park is not only to protect this particular landscape, but also to make it available for visitors. However, you neet to remember about certain rules:



  • Walking on the tourist trail is the safest for you and for nature... do not go beyond the trail. The trail has the most beautiful views. Do not take shortcuts.
  • Inhale the fresh mountain air, do not smoke.
  • The rocks around you are not good climbing material, let go of them. There is no cache there.
  • Stones and minerals lie here for millions of years ... leave them for the next generations. Do not collect and mine rocks and minerals.
  • If you're are here with your dog, your friend will be safer on a leash.



  • Nature lives in symbiosis - do not destroy and do not collect plants, fruit or undergrowth.
  • Animals live here in the wild, it's their home. Respect their calmness, do not frigten them, do not seize the animals, do not feed them.
  • Enjoy the silence and the sounds of the nature - keep quiet, do not shout, do not sing, do not use radio receivers, do not play music. Let others enjoy the mountains, do not disturb the rest of the people.
  • Whatever you brought – take it with you. Take away rubbish with you and leave in designated places near the shelter or entrances to the trail.
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