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Bezszynowa Kolej Brochowska - OP8GWT
Bezszynowa Kolej Brochowska
Owner: Kanguros
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Altitude: 119 m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > dolnośląskie
Cache type: Multicache
Size: Small
Status: Archived
Time required: 0:30 h    Distance to travel: 1.50 km
Date hidden: 22-06-2016
Date created: 22-06-2016
Date published: 22-06-2016
Last modification: 04-02-2019
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Description EN PL

Not many people know that Brochów and Wrocław were once connected by a trolleybus line. In Polish It was called “Bezszynowa Kolej Brochowska” which can be translated into English as “Trackless Train in Brochów”. It was the first trolley system on the present territory of Poland and Eastern Europe.


The line was built and maintained by the “Gleislose Lloydbahnen Köhlers Bahnpatente GmbH” company from Bremen. For the wiring an experimental Lloyd-Köhler system was used in which the wires were mounted vertically one above the other. Not horizontally like in modern trolleybus systems.


The line was officially opened in 1912. The route started in the “Wilczy kąt” district near the tram depot. Then continued along streets: Krakowska, Opolska, Brochowska (over a non-existing bridge, where now is a footbridge), Mościckiego, Birmańska and Chińska. A total of four trolleybus operated on the line. It took about 20 minutes to complete the 4.4 km route.


At first the passenger response was very good. But frequent breakdowns of the experimental system caused ticket prices to increase and people became discouraged. Eventually in 1914 the trolleybus service was suspended and never reactivated.


Till this day you can still find some remains of the old trolley line. 3 metal masts that were once part of the overhead electrical system are still present.

One of the trolleybuses from Brochów. Source:


About the cache


I invite you to take walk along the old trolleybus route in Brochów. To find the final cache you will need to visit all of the locations where the old electrical masts are placed.


The cache coordinates show the location of the first mast. From each mast you will need to read a number that is written on a yellow background. The numbers are visible from ground level. No need for climbing. It will look something like this:


The second, third and final stage is located at:

The owner of this cache allows you to check if you have the correct solution to the puzzle (final cache coordinates). You can do this before you go cache hunting!
Statistics: Attempts: 1 times, Hits: 1 times.
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