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Altitude: 119 m. ASL.
 Region: Poland > dolnośląskie
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Regular
Status: Archived
Date hidden: 07-01-2012
Date created: 07-01-2012
Date published: 07-01-2012
Last modification: 01-01-2020
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Go geocaching with children  Recommended at night  Bike  Fixed by magnet  Monumental place 

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Description EN PL


Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw was established in January 1946. Its founder was Eugeniusz Geppert, a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. He arrived to Wroclaw at the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. His task was to identify land for founding a new art school. Since 1996, the university acts as the Academy of Fine Arts. At the moment the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw has four separate departments: Interior Architecture and Industrial Design, Painting and Sculpture, Graphic Design, Ceramics and Glass. Rector is prof. Peter Kielan.


Snails are ideal for masking;)

The necessary condition to pass the cache is a drawing in the logbook (as this ASP)


Geocache is strongly to take the NIGHT or at least in the rainy days.
On a sunny day it would be hard to find without damaging spot.

Please be discreet when taking cache

ALWAYS SOMEONE LOOKS. Check the cars standing in the parking lot and definitely no one sitting there and watching.



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GeoKrety  geoDOG-8 - Total distance: 235 km
GeoKrety  kuna z zielonego lasu - Total distance: 2390 km
GeoKrety  Kawa - Total distance: 372 km

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