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Geocaching is an outdoor sport or activity in which cachers use a GPS receiver to find a "treasure" hidden by other participants. Caches are secured in watertight containers, containing gifts and a logbook in which they record their discovery of the cache. The coordinates of the location of the caches are stored on online databases such as opencaching.se along with descriptions and instructions necessary to find them.
On this site you can find everything about geocaching in Poland. Opencaching.pl in Poland was started in May 2006. This is the main Poland geocaching site. Our database working on opensource project Opencaching. The idea is to have several opencaching nodes for different countries around the world with a synchronized database of users and caches. Runs on Opencaching.PL opensource project.

Overall number of caches 35574 active caches 23384 | Founds: 1236509 | Number of users: 26604

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Sekrety Parku Śląskiego37 caches, 279.42 PointsPoland>Śląskie

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